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So far just me.
Jeremy Merrick. (Tronto)
Hello this is the site for an up coming computer graphics company.I'm starting this web site to create a place for C.G. artist's with little experince, and professional's, that are looking for an opportunity to own the place that they work for.

The company's goal is to make everyone involved extreamly happy.
Using 3dsmax or the animation program of your choice we will create the content that meets our clients needs.perhaps we will decide to make a game.Maybe a full feature and try to get it produced. It's really up to us cause it's our company.
The main thing we need to do is talk and find out what well be most rewarding.

The company is located mainly on the net.I live in Toronto.The ability to meet and discuss projects would be very benifical, but not a necessity.We can share info and idea's on the web.
The idea is to get connected and share creative power, In order to create a company that we the starting out/pro C.G artist, well grow into a place where everyone own's an equal share of the worlds they create.

Contact Boards

Here I will update A current projects progress.
This is my first attempt at A website, I'm using #1colony toi host it. I don't really have time to make these pages but I want to start A company. Why? bills of corse.
But most of all I want to tell storys.
The reason I don't have time is because i'm still learning 3dmax. So far im doing great, not focasing on one thing but trying to do it all,ex.animating,modeling,lights.(grappeling with texture's) however I have no trouble with keeping involved and continuing to grow.

Spreading wisdom trough storytelling.
Please e-mail me if intrested in making a demo reel. that we can show around and post on our site.
Advertising hear and other sites we should be able to spark intrest in companies looking for animations, models, logo's, or anything they might need.
email me